Attention: SME business owners, Sole Traders, from 1 to 100 employees changing, growing or scaling your business

The 5-Step System to Build a Business that Delivers the Results You Crave & the Lifestyle You Deserve


The Perfect Customer Formula: Building Your Business To Deliver the Results You Crave

How inspired would you be if your business could consistently deliver the results you crave and help you create your dream income and lifestyle without you feeling burnt out? 

And whilst you are working on your Perfect Customer Formula, that will change the trajectory of your business forever... are also creating opportunities to increase your cash flow immediately, get your team to perform at their best and start earning the income you deserve... 

All you need to do is follow these 5 steps I'm about to share, and you will have more satisfied customers, happier staff and a lifestyle that will be more fulfilling than you could possibly imagine.  

Here's the 5 Simple Steps of The Perfect Customer Formula...  

Module 1: Clarity of Purpose & Vision

Module 2: Understanding Your Customer

Module 3: Design The Customer Journey

Module 4: Create Your Team Guidelines

Module 5: Create The Plan And Implement

And there you have it... The Perfect Customer Formula will guide you through creating your Perfect Customer Formula for your business and bring the 1000s of moving parts together to deliver extraordinary experiences to your customers consistently and profitably month after month.

The Perfect Customer Formula Online Course

6 hours of videos, workbooks and training.

Lifetime access to The Perfect Customer Formula Online Course


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My life is devoted to helping business owners and leaders like you create businesses that you love, that are great places for your people to work, that deliver extraordinary experiences for your customers consistently and help you create the lifestyle you desire and the results you crave.  

NOW it's your turn!  

What do I mean by "NOW It's Your Turn"?

Imagine if... 

  • you were EXCITED about going to work & felt FULFILED every day;
  • Your people LOVED coming to work & looked forward to the CHALLENGES they faced;
  • Your customers were AMAZED your team's COMMITMENT to excellence; 
  • You were living the LIFESTLE you DESERVED sharing it with your loved ones
  • You could PROTECT your financial rewards & your HEALTH for the future

Sounds too good to be true?

  Many Business Owners spend their time Rushing around DOING EVERYTHING they can to make their business work, but they don't spend the time doing the NECESSARY WORK building the Right Foundations. When this happens you end up SACRIFICING the things that you CHERISH without even realising it.

It frustrates me to see this & it must make you frustrated too!  

That's EXACTLY why...


I have developed this "game changing" System for people like you and me

We know there's a better way & we know that it's a good business, but we tell ourselves we aren't business leaders and we don't know what to do.

That is WRONG! I bought into that story for years then I turned my business upside down.  

All of my time, when I got the business going, was used up sorting out other people's problems and chasing people up to see if they had done what I wanted 

I know... "when I got the business going" sounds good when you hear it, but I realized that it wasn't a strategy, it was a hope.  

My health suffered and I had no time for family, holidays, passions, or enjoyment because I spent all of my time chasing after everyone.  

When I created my Perfect Customer Formula, my team solved 100% of the problems that came up and I spent 100% of my time growing the business.  

I still help sort out problems, but problems about the future we are building not problems caused by poor planning & preparation. 

Discover 5 simple steps to my proven Formula

I'm going to share with you my incredible approach that I used to build the business of my dreams, an easy step-by-step formula that you can apply to your business & build YOUR UNIQUE Perfect Customer Formula

Module 1: Clarity of Purpose & Vision

Module 2: Understanding Your Customer

Module 3: Design The Customer Journey

Module 4: Create Your Team Guidelines

Module 5: Create The Plan & Implement

I'll be honest with you, it truly fills me with dismay to see so many people trying to get their businesses running the way they want, trying to produce the results they crave & the lifestyle they desire - when they don’t use PROVEN FORMULA...

Do you have a methodology to nurture, inspire, challenge and empower your team to give you their best performance consistently and deliver extraordinary experiences to your customers your business will always be at risk

The BEST thing about the Perfect Customer Formula is you will learn...

  • to build the NECESSARY foundations for your business to help you scale with confidence
  • to design your PERFECT customer JOURNEY & identify simple ways to increase sales
  • to make clear guidelines everyone can follow to ensure your customers LOVE your business
  • to create a PLAN that engages everyone and excites them about the future.
  • how to focus on the important stuff whilst your team work in the business

...The Perfect Customer Formula will help you deliver better marketing programmes, better sales strategies, better operations & better customer service! 

All of which will help you grow your business with the help of your whole team working together  

You must CHOOSE what to sacrifice to build your business...

I’ve seen businesses fail miserably because they don’t have the right foundations in place and the leaders end up sacrificing their HEALTH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and WEALTH UNCONSCIOUSLY 

And I’ve seen small businesses grow through consistent persistent action because:

  • They have NOT been phased by the journey and focus on the detail 
  • They have delivered CONSISTENT MASSIVE ACTION daily towards their GOALS
  • They have stayed PLUGGED IN to the PLAN and not been distracted
  • They have Reflected daily, Learned the lessons, Adjusted their behaviour and taken the next Action
  • They have OWNED their PURPOSE, VISION and VALUES and made a STAND for their business 

The Hard Truth:  

If you don’t have the right foundations for your business in place, you are at the risk of the circumstances around you and one day you will wake up and wonder...

How did I end up here? ...OUCH!

Ready for the simple facts? This FORMULA, applied fully, takes failure out of the equation.  

The moment you put in place YOUR Perfect Customer Formula for your business…  

YOU’RE IN THE GAME where... 

  • Your YOUR PERFECT CUSTOMER FORMULA that is working, fully engaging your team
  • Guiding their behaviour to deliver EXTRAORDINARY customer experiences month after month  
  • Allowing you to focus on your LEADERSHIP role and do the NECESSARY work only you can do 
  • Keepng everybody focused on their work so you focus on GROWING your business


Your Perfect Customer Formula sets you up to run the business the way it needs to be run in order to deliver the results you crave and deserve.

This Perfect Customer Formula works for you and every business owner transitioning their business from how it is performing today to a higher level of performance. 

The TRAP is to believe that just having a plan is enough.  

Talk to any business owner who created a plan, worked out their marketing strategy, designed their products, went networking, and bought all of the fancy marketing tools. 0ver 80% of them will tell you they are burnt out, frustrated, at their wits end and wondering if it has all been worth it.

They are tired of chasing their team to do the work they need their team to do, solving all of the team problems and not being able to focus on the necessary work that will make their business grow. 

Unbelievable, isn’t it?  

It’s because they don’t have their Perfect Customer Formula to bring all of the 1000s of moving parts of their business to work together delivering extraordinary experiences consistently for their customers again and again...  

Here’s the 5 biggest TRAPS you must avoid:

Running around telling everyone what to do and micromanaging your staff believing that is the best way to lead but not seeing any improvement in performance.

Sacrificing your health, family relationships, your time, your wealth and your friendships in order to make your business work (aren't they the reasons you wanted to start your business in the first place?).

Continuously looking for that magic silver bullet that you hope will solve all of your problems (your business has everything it needs, you just need the right mindset and focus to get it all to work).

Trying lots of things to get more customers and spending money on advertising & promotions and not getting any more customers. (If you are not clear about who your customers are and how your unique solution can help them, they will be confused too).

Avoiding taking the time to work out who your perfect customers are, what they want and need and designing how you can serve them consistently with excellent service. (If you can't tell your team what the game plan is, they will make it up on their own and your customers will vote with their feet).

On the other hand, what if it were possible to...

  • Know that you whole team was focused on delivering extraordinary customer experience.
  • Everyone understood their role and how to make a contribution to your vision.
  • You knew which customers to focus on and how to attract them to your business.
  • Everyone understood your values and your customers got consistent levels of service from everyone.
  • And you got to focus on the important work of building your dream business.

How different would your business and your life be if you had a formula that set you up for success rather than keeping you TRAPPED?  

It is so easy to HATE the business you used to LOVE when you don’t have your Perfect Customer Formula to deliver the results you crave, that gives you the lifestyle that you deserve & the time to share it with your loved ones...

It's Your Turn NOW!

Let's work through this together, whether you are a sole trader or you employ a small or big team. This course is a simple step by step approach, where I hold your hand and guide you through the Five Modules.

Module 1

Where it All Starts 

Your business is the true expression of who you are in the business world. All businesses and all transitions start with an idea.

To start a business is a truly courageous enterprise. To see the results of your courage evolve into a successful thriving business, you need to start with the right foundations to make your idea a reality.

With the right foundations in place you are prepared to build the rest of your business. Even if you have been working on your business for a number of years, it is never too late to rework your business foundations.

In Module 1, you will learn:

  • How to discover the three aspects of your purpose;
  • How to express the vision you have for your business that will motivate, inspire and engage everyone who works with you;
  • Define your critical values so that everyone understands what is important to you and what you will not tolerate;
  • Where your business stands today, how people perceive your business, the level of activity, your core relationships and your role.

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Module 2  

How Your Customers Discover You 

Every business wants lots of customers and yet so many businesses spend money on marketing before they truly understand enough about their customer.

It is a fact that you can never know enough about your customers. You need to continually update your customer knowledge.

In Module 2, you will learn:

  • How your customers discover you, why they looked for you and how they found you. How do you currently stand out from the crowd.
  • How to create a connection with your customer, how to discover everything you need to know about them.
  • What your customers want from you and what they need from you and how you can satisfy those wants and needs.
  • What goes through your customers' mind when they make the choice to buy from you and become your customer, how they feel.
  • What is important when you make first contact and how to 'guarantee' they become repeat customers.

Reduced to £47.97 + VAT 

Module 3

Delivering Your Customers' Wants and Needs

Customer service is about delivering what your customer needs so that when they receive what they need you satisfy what they want. You need to understand the difference between these two elements of your customers' desire to be able to get them to buy your products and services.

The better you and your team can understand what your customers want and how your products and services deliver what they need, the more effective you will be at delivering extraordinary experiences to your customers and standing out from your competitors.

In Module 3, you will learn:

  • How to define the customer outcome you want to achieve and match it to their desired outcome.
  • How to set out the 'rules of your game' so that everyone knows how they need to behave in your business.
  • Create a powerful vision that aligns the whole team. 
  • How to get all of your team to think like you and make sure your customers are satisfied all the time.
  • The process of effective delegation so that you can be confident your team are doing it the right way.
  • The power of performance measurement and follow-up to keep the business moving forward.
  • How to build effective and powerful relationships with your team and your customers.

Reduced to £47.97 + VAT 

Module 4

Design your Perfect Customer Journey

The journey that your customers follow is by your design. You are 100% in control of what your customers experience and how they experience it.

Their journey with you starts before you even know they exist and it will end when they no longer desire your products or services. So you need to focus your attentions on how your customers interact with your business every step of the way, because the moment they stumble or get confused, they leave.

In Module 4, you will learn: 

  • How to reverse engineer the customer journey from outcome back to first steps.
  • How to use the Product Matrix to serve your customers with more of your services and products.
  • How to go granular and work out the small details that make such a difference and prevent problems occuring.
  • How to predict the Emotional State of your customers before they consume your products and services.
  • How to ensure that they get the outcome they were expecting plus that little bit extra.

Reduced to £47.97 + VAT 

Module 5

Making Your Plan Work

In Module 5, you will learn:

  • How to choose the right team for the right job.
  • How to match your team skills to your customer journey.
  • How to set conditions of satisfaction for your team.
  • How to create YOUR plan with the appropriate performance indicators for YOUR business.
  • How to implement your action plan and include the feedback loop so your business continually improves.

Reduced to £47.97 + VAT 

It's Your Turn NOW!

The Perfect Customer Formula Online Course

  • 5 modules with 6 hours of videos, downloads, worksheets and training
  • Lifetime Access to The Perfect Customer Formula Online Course

The Private Perfect Customer Formula Facebook Group £25/month 4 Week Motivation Email Sequence £150 Bonus Videos £200 The Delegation Checklist £350  


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